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08 Jun 23

Speed records 2023

Here we are again with the table of speed records on the different courses. Since all the courses have been rearranged, the times are not what they used to be. A perfect opportunity to try to beat them!

Here is the table of records for 2023: 

Find records from previous years here:
- Records 2022

15 May 23

Rental of Via Ferrata equipment

We now offer Via Ferrata equipment rental! The harness equipped with a lanyard and a pulley will allow you to navigate the cliffs of Roc d'Anglars, in complete safety. Book now by phone, all year around !

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26 Apr 23

Opening 2023

We have launched expansion work in the park. Experts in park construction are currently creating a new red course higher than the previous one, for maximum thrill.

Unfortunately, we therefore have to push back the opening date to May 13, 2023 , but it's a blessing in disguise. You can now contact us to book your weekend with family or friends.

We are also announcing the creation of our Instagram account, @parcaventureaveyron , where we will soon post photos of the expansion work, events during the summer and other news. Do not hesitate to follow us !

See you soon !

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02 Apr 23

Opening 2023

This winter, we carried out work in our park. We have replaced the cable and platform attachment systems to allow the trees to breathe and grow unhindered. This system, entitled ""Le Clou"" , consists of several rods screwed on either side of the trunk. These allow the tree to grow in diameter, and we can adjust the position of the platforms according to its size. A chain system is used on thinner shafts, with chain tension adjustment.

Chain clamping system

Another novelty: by changing the cables, we have also changed the security system. All the harnesses, including those of the pitchouns, will be equipped with a connector for a continuous lifeline ! With this system, you no longer need to unhook, you will be connected from the beginning to the end of the course by a single ring.This will allow greater fluidity in the routes as well as easier handling of the equipment.

And finally, we also extended the park. The courses have been studied, re-drawn and lengthened, and a new red course has been built above the current courses. The ladders to descend from the courses have been removed and are now replaced by zip lines with arrivals on the ground. All these changes should further improve the fluidity in the courses . No more traffic jam!

New green arrival platforms

And this is how we officially announce the reopening of our park on May 13, 2023 . There are still many other things in development in the park, and we will tell you about them in a future post. See you soon !

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