Archery is one of those little-known activities that everyone dreams of trying. Whatever the level of practice, a 2-hour session will allow you to discover the basics of this very natural precision sport.

The sites

We offer archery sessions at our base in the Adventure Park , but we can also come to your place of stay (with the agreement of the owner). We need a field or a fairly large room (10x10 meters), and we take care of the rest.


After a few volleys of arrows and technical advice to get into the activity, a large part of the session is devoted to team games, which allow everyone to enhance their archery skills.


The sessions are flexible, and can be adapted to your needs. A 2 hour session is a good time to discover the games we offer.


We regularly organize sessions during the summer (July-August). Stay informed by consulting our news section or our Facebook page.

Supervision possible for groups, families, bachelor parties, seminars outside these dates. Contact us !

Supervision of activities by state-certified instructors.