Tree climbing

Pitchoun Pass

from 8€ 1h From 3 years

A short course for 3-7 year olds. At breast height, children will be equipped with a single ZAZA1 hook on a continuous lifeline.The course lasts about...

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Explorer Pass

from 13€ 2h From 6 to 8 years

Is your child very resourceful, has already done tree climbing and finds that the Pitchoun course is a little too easy? Here is the package he needs!E...

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Adventurer Pass

from 18€ 2h30 From 7 years

The Baroudeur package is a package suitable for 8-12 year olds (1.20 m to 1.45 m). It includes: One yellow course, two green courses, three blue cours...

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Adult Pass

from 22€ 3h From 13 years

Get your fill of thrills with the adult package. Keep your balance on the ropes, climb up to 14 meters from the ground and jump from the top of the Es...

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Family Pass

from 72€ 3h From 7 years

Experience an unforgettable moment with your family with this package. Climb the different routes, adapted to your age, and classified in order of dif...

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