Tree climbing

Accomplished sportsman or lover of new thrills, our Adventure park  is located in the heart of the Gorges de l'Aveyron in the Cirque de Bône, by the river. It offers more than 100 games to discover through 10 courses adapted to all levels, and including 25 zip lines, 2 free fall jumps and much more!

Enjoy an exceptional setting, near Saint Antonin Noble Val, on the banks of the Aveyron, along hiking trails and climbing routes.   
Fun and thrills guaranteed for the whole family!   
Concerned about the protection of our environment and aware of the exceptional setting in which we are, we are committed by signing the Natura 2000 Charter, to respect the fauna and flora of this site.

(The following video was filmed before the 2023 works. The attachment system is different, and some courses have been modified.)



All our courses are equipped with a ZAZA2 type continuous lifeline. Once the connector is on the cable, it is no longer possible to remove it before the end of the route.

Harness fitted with a ZAZA2 hook

Each course is composed of games of balance, fun, suspended from ropes, or simply zip lines. We have to offer you   
- A Pitchoun course , for 3-6 year olds, at human height.   
- 2 green courses, from 6 years old and 115cm, to start at a low height.   
- 3 blue courses , from 7 years old and 120cm.   
- 3 red courses , from 12 years old and 145cm, ending with free falls.   
- A Rando'tyro course , from 7 years old and 120cm, compose many zip lines over the entire length of the park.

These courses are accessible depending on the package chosen.

Price list

Table of rates 2023

Safety Controls

Our operators are trained and certified "CQP OPAH". They are present at the tree climbing park to advise you and ensure your safety. They also check personal protective equipment (PPE) on a daily basis.

The technical control of the Adventure Park is carried out every year by an independent body, thus guaranteeing strict compliance with the safety standards imposed by the State.   
All the trees in our park are also checked annually by a forestry expert.